About io fibrewater

About fibrewater

Why is fibrewater different?

fibrewater makes fibre and gut health simple and refreshing.

fibrewater, is a UK first! It’s an innovative, multi-award-winning functional water that makes boosting fibre intake and supporting gut health convenient and delicious.

Each 500 ml bottle of fibrewater provides 20%* of your recommended daily fibre intake and 100%* of your daily prebiotic fibre intake with minimal calories (17 kcals) and carbohydrates (6g – 1.3g net), gluten-free and vegan, with no added sugar and no nasty ingredients. It’s suitable for people on a variety of diets.

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The science behind fibrewater

There are thousands of scientific papers on the benefits of fibre.

Prebiotic fibre takes dietary fibre to the next level, with over 4,000 scientific papers and over 300 clinical studies proving positive health benefits.

ió fibrewater is supported by a university study conducted by Glasgow Caledonian University, which proved our innovative water significantly increased healthy gut microbes (probiotics).

Furthermore, ió fibrewater is backed by two authorised UK and EU health claims for proper gut function and digestive health and slowing and lowering blood glucose rise due to the chicory fibre we use.** .

fibrewater is scientifically proven to increase friendly bacteria (probiotics)