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2 x 500 ml

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Try our two delicious flavours and fall in love with  fibrewater 🍋🍓❤️

Getting 100% of your daily prebiotics and 20% of your daily fibre intake has never been so easy! Receive both lip-smacking 💋 Lemon & Lime and sassy Strawberry 👅 for a total of £5.00 with our Taster Pack ✨

2 x 500 ml

Certified by The Vegan Society


  • Ingredients

    Lemon & Lime:


    Filtered water, chicory root fibre (inulin), erythritol, non-GMO corn fibre, flavourings, acidity regulator: citric acid, Sicilian lemon oil, sweetener: steviol glycosides (from Stevia)




    Filtered water, chicory root fibre (inulin), erythritol, non-GMO corn fibre, flavourings, acidity regulator: citric acid, sweetener: steviol glycosides (from Stevia)

  • Nutritional info

    Per 500 ml

    Energy (kJ) - 70kJ

    Energy (kcal) - 17kcal

    Fat - 0g

    (of which saturates) - 0g

    Carbohydrates - 6g

    (of which sugars) - 0.8g

    (of which polyols) - 4.7g

    Fibre - 6g

    Protein - 0g

    Salt - 0g

  • Storage

    Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 24 hours. For the best taste experience, serve chilled.

20% of
daily fibre


Each bottle contains 6g of fibre, 20% of an adult’s recommended daily fibre intake. Our fibre is plant-based and cleverly dissolved into the water, so you won’t even notice it’s there.



75% of the fibre in ió fibrewater comes from chicory root fibre, which is no regular fibre! Chicory root fibre is a ‘prebiotic’ fibre which means that it feeds your friendly gut bacteria, nourishing them and giving them the energy to grow and flourish.

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All the ingredients in ió fibrewater are of natural origin, and there are no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colours or flavours in any of our bottles. 

What makes special?

Prebiotic naturally flavoured water


Prebiotic plant fibre


Natural fruit flavour


Low kcal and carbs


No added sugar


Nothing artificial


Widely recycled

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is ió fibrewater gluten-free and vegan?

    Yes! All our drinks are gluten-free and vegan friendly.

  • Is ió fibrewater keto-friendly?

    Yes we are. Each bottle of ió fibrewater has 6g of total carbs and just 1.3g of net carbs.

  • Can people with diabetes drink ió fibrewater?

    Yes, ió fibrewater is suitable for people with diabetes. One 500 ml bottle contains 0.8g of sugar, 17 kcal and 6g of carbs (of which 4.7g is non-digestible polyols - in the form of erythritol). Erythritol has no effect on blood sugar or blood insulin levels.

  • How much fibre do I need each day?

    It's recommended that adults should eat 30g of fibre per day. Currently, only 10% of adults meet this recommendation with the average fibre intake only 19g per day. At a minimum adults should be eating at least 25g of fibre a day to support overall health. The NHS recognises that eating plenty of fibre is associated with a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer. As well as fibre being able to aid digestion, prevent constipation and make us feel fuller.


    Fibre is a natural wonder food, and it's important for all age groups. It is recommended that children and teenagers have the following daily fibre intakes:


    2 to 5 year olds: 15g per day

    5 to 11 year olds: 20g per day

    11 to 16 year olds: 25g per day

    16 to 18 years old 30g per day


    ió fibrewater is suitable for children from 2 years old.

  • How are prebiotics and probiotics different?

    'Prebiotics' are the special food that nourish your good gut bacteria, helping them to stay healthy and to grow in number. Chicory root fibre, as found in ió fibrewater, is an example of a prebiotic, and it is proven to feed your good gut bacteria (i.e. lactobacilli and bifidobacteria). Having prebiotics in your diet is essential to supporting your good bacteria and gut health.


    Typically, when someone uses the word 'probiotics', they are referring to live good bacteria that enters the gut through certain foods and supplements. Probiotics can also refer to the good bacteria that already exist in your gut. Both ingested probiotics and the probiotics already resident in your gut need prebiotics regularly to stay healthy and to stop their population levels from declining.

What are people saying about fibrewater

What are people saying about fibrewater

ió fibrewater keeps me feeling fuller longer, so I don't snack. Knowing it's made with prebiotic fibre and nourishing my gut, it's an easy, delicious choice. It's also a great addition to my pilates workout, and a total lifesaver on the days I'm fasting.


- Kelly H. | Health & Wellbeing Coach

This water is miraculous. It keeps me feeling full up in between meals, tastes great, and I feel more energised with less ups and downs throughout the day. I love it, love it, love it!!


Wendy C. | Physiotherapist