12 Day Challenge

Get your VaVaVoom back in just 12 days!

All it takes is drinking a bottle of ió fibrewater daily for 12 days. Easy peasy!

Feeling bloated? Struggling to lose weight? Or perhaps you're feeling a bit low, blah, and sluggish, fibrewater can help!

Formulated to support gut & overall health

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Easy to add to your daily routine

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Proven to support proper gut function

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No added sugar

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Vegan & gluten-free

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Scientifically proven to feed friendly gut bacteria

Take the 12 Day Challenge

Experience the difference just drinking one bottle of ió fibrewater daily for 12 days can make.

Scientifically proven to feed friendly gut bacteria.

Our revolutionary water is backed by two authorised health claims and two university studies (Glasgow Caledonian University and the University of Roehampton).

Plus, it tastes great, too!

Aly said goodbye to IBS, bloating, and not being able to eat certain foods...

'I've had stomach pains and IBS all my life. In the past week of drinking as part of the 12 Day Challenge, I'm not as bloated and in pain anymore. I'm also able to eat certain foods.

I can't imagine not having
in my diet and everyday life.'

Aly P.

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Check out our reviews!

What a few of our 12 Day Challenge fans are saying...

Kristen P. Verified purchase

Love, love, love this product!! IO Fibrewater has helped me stay off my thyroid medication and helps me maintain my fibre intake every day. Wouldn’t be without it now.

Sigi Verified purchase

Absolutely love this water. I felt instant benefits after just a few days! My energy levels improved and my sleep has been so much better! I love the flavours and I enjoy having a bottle everyday! I'd highly recommend it to anyone!

Jessica C. Verified purchase

After only 10 days of using io fibre water I am happy to already be seeing the benefits. The main positive change for me is the bloating, I am feeling much less bloated. The product itself is lovely, and it’s something that fits in well in day to day life. I would highly recommend this product.

Isobel G Verified purchase

is a revelation to me! I have a variety of digestive health issues, and bloating was a real problem. My digestion has been so much easier for the first day of drinking this incredible product, and it has helped my husband and son too.

"I'm really impressed!"

Rachel took part in our 12 Day Challenge to see if would help with her weight loss journey...it sure did!

'ió fibrewater 100% works! I'm feeling fuller for longer, and I'm really impressed!'

In fact, 68% of people drinking a bottle of daily for 12 days noticed they ate less at mealtime and 61% snacked less and felt fuller for longer.

Rachel M

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