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Say goodbye to constipation

Naturally. Easily. Enjoyably.

Constipation is a silent epidemic that 1 in 3 kids and 1 in 7 adults suffer with.

The biggest reason for constipation is that 91% of us aren't getting enough fibre in our diets.

We have an easy (and delicious) solution! fibrewater!

Every delicious bottle delivers 20% of your daily fibre intake. Plus, it's backed by an authorised health claim for 'supporting proper gut function through increased stool frequency'.

Formulated to help reduce constipation

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Easy to add to your daily routine

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Proven to increase stool frequency

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Tastes great!

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Vegan & gluten-free

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No added sugar

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Only naturally-sourced ingredients

Lack of fibre: The biggest cause of constipation

'The biggest issue I see is people suffering from constipation, with the common factor being a lack of fibre in their diet. We should all eat 30g of fibre daily, but most people consume 19g or less.

The other issue I see is people on the constipation 'laxative-merry-go-round'. Which can cause a whole host of health issues down the road.

That's why I recommend fibrewater.

It's natural, effective and delicious. It's also low in calories and carbs and is easy to incorporate into people's daily routines - and perfect for kids, too.

Amani Kaite - Nutritional Therapist | Gut Health Expert

Say goodbye to constipation and hello to ió!

What our ió fans are saying

fibrewater is making a positive impact on people's life and health. Here's what a few of our fans are saying about how our revolutionary water is helping them manage their constipation.

Kristen P. Verified purchase

After a week of being constipated while on holiday abroad, the first thing I did when I got home was grab my bottle of ió. The next day, I finally managed to go, and it wasn’t painful or difficult. I drink it as part of my daily routine and love it!

Wendy C. Verified purchase

I love ió fibrewater! After years of struggling with constipation, this delicious and refreshing drink keeps me regular, and it’s so easy and enjoyable to drink. I recommend ió to everyone! It’s a life-changer!

Caroline M. Verified purchase

Before I discovered ió my constipation was so bad that I had to go to the hospital. Now, I drink a bottle before bed, and like magic, each morning, I can go! It tastes great, and I take a bottle wherever I go.

Violette P. Verified purchase

I give a bottle of ió fibrewater to my daughter (aged 6) every day. She used to be on laxatives, and I hated the fact that they were setting her up for problems in the future. My daughter calls ió her ‘Magic Water’. It works! I love that it has no added sugar or artificial ingredients, too.

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