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Gut Heath Support for Women with Breast Cancer

Enter ió fibrewater...A deliciously easy way to boost your fibre intake and support your gut and overall health and well-being.

fibrewater is the UK's first prebiotic fibre-infused water backed by science. (Find out more below).

Every bottle of fibrewater contains 20% of your daily recommended fibre and 100% of your daily recommended prebiotic intake.

This revolutionary functional water has been proven to significantly increase friendly gut bacteria, reduce constipation, improve digestive health issues such as bloating, IBS, and acid reflux, promote longer, more restful sleep, and increase energy and cognition. It ticks all the boxes for health, taste, and effectiveness.

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Formulated to support gut & overall health

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Easy to add to your daily routine

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Proven to support proper gut function

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No added sugar

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Vegan & gluten-free

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Scientifically proven to feed friendly gut bacteria

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Our revolutionary water is backed by two authorised health claims and two university studies.

Glasgow Caledonian University found that fibrewater significantly increases friendly gut bacteria. E.g. S. Boulardii increased by 4 million percent and B. Coagulans by 25,000 percent within 48 hours compared to regular flavoured water.

Both of these friendly gut microbes are linked to proper immune system function and digestive health.

The preliminary results for our University of Roehampton study have also found 'significant' improvements with:

  • Lowering fasting blood glucose
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Improving sleep

The Roehampton study has also found improvements in stress reduction, anxiety, depression and cognitive function.

Plus, fibrewater tastes great, and it's an easy, gentle swap-up to your usual drinks - and all you need is a bottle a day!

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💕Why I love & recommend ió fibrewater💕

"I find so many of my clients have low fibre intake. Fibre boosts immunity, prevents constipation, optimises detoxification and is proven to improve blood sugar levels.

I recommend
fibrewater. It's a fantastic product and contains important prebiotic fibre.

fibrewater tastes fantastic and increases hydration - which is so important for all of my clients.

As a family, we all love it, and it has had fantastic benefits for us all."

Get 20% off your order by using my code 'EMAR20' when you checkout using the button below.👇

Emma Marshall - Nutritionist & Breast Cancer Expert

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What a few of our 12 Day Challenge fans are saying...

Susan R. Verified purchase

Io water keeps me hydrated whilst I’m working. I love both Lemon and lime and strawberry flavours. I was introduced to io through my nutritional therapist. I’m going through treatment for breast cancer and my body is full of chemicals. Drinking io water makes me feel I’m doing something good to counterbalance that. The drugs mess up my digestive system but drinking the water gently helps with the process. I guess that is a polite way of putting it 😂

Isobel G. Verified purchase

Io Fibre water has been a revelation for me. I love the subtle taste and my body seems to smile from the inside.
I have had digestive issues (IBS, hiatus hernia with acid reflux) and food intolerances for many years. My digestion has been so much easier from the first day of drinking Io water. As the days went on there was even more improvement. No reflux after meals. I have not felt the need to snack between meals and have lost weight. Yay!

Usually my system struggles with milk chocolate (resulting in diarrhoea). I decided to test the water - I had a cheeky bar with no ill effects, the same with my other intolerances. I actually don’t want to eat unhealthy food. I am so glad to have found this gentle way to help my digestion and keep hydrated. 💙

Jeanne P. Verified purchase

I love this water and I love gardening. I took this photo after a long session in my mother's tangled and lovely space. The water nurishes my soul, it gives me, it seems, more energy and like plants that need the care, this is how I feel about Iofibre water. It is caring. There is something very tender and loving about it, the taste is gentle and uplifting. Thank you

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