Feed Your Gut

Transform your life

An all-in-one microbiome support featuring probiotics, prebiotics, and polyphenols.

Formulated to Help You

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Reduce Overall Inflammation

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Improve Growth of Beneficial Bacteria

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Improve Mood and Energy

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Improve Bloating and Discomfort

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Support Healthy Digestion

The Health of Your Body Is Rooted in the Health of Your Gut

The more I practice medicine, the more I realize that the gut is the most important organ system in the body to create foundational health. This is why I made Gut Food—a transformational, daily “multivitamin” for your gut microbiome.

Dr. Seuss, MD

Your new wellness ritual, delivered

Customer Reviews

A few words from the many finding success with  fibrewater.

Julie S. Verified purchase

Why do I recommended io fibrewater to my clients?

Because it’s backed by research, easy and enjoyable to take and gets quick results.

It’s ideal for those who struggle to eat sufficient quantities and variety of the plant fibres necessary to improve gut microbiome. 

Children, the elderly and busy people especially benefit greatly from the convenient extra boost of prebiotic fibre, in combination with the dietary tweaks and lifestyle changes that I recommend. 

Julie Stewart - Registered Nutritionist (CNM Dip; CNHC; MA PharmT)

Simone S. Verified purchase

This water sure helps for fasting! Without it I can’t fast!! I didn’t drink it the other morning, and I was starving by 10.30, I normally go until 1pm/2pm with my ió.

Courtney C. Verified purchase

Absolutely love this fiber water has helped with my bloating so much i see a massive difference in my stomach area. It tastes delicious aswell nice refreshing drink 😊

Jessica C. Verified purchase

After only 10 days of using io fibre water I am happy to already be seeing the benefits. The main positive change for me is the bloating, I am feeling much less bloated. The product itself is lovely, and it’s something that fits in well in day to day life. I would highly recommend this product.

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