Enhance your training, performance and recovery with optimal gut health

A symbiotic relationship exists between your gut and brain, impacting sleep, mood, mental clarity and digestive comfort.

Introducing fibrewater, the pioneering, scientifically proven hydration solution. With every bottle providing 100% of your daily prebiotics and 20% of your fibre intake, it nurtures friendly gut bacteria while supporting digestive wellness.

Use code 'ATS20' for a 20% discount, and we'll donate 10% of sales to Athletics Trust Scotland, aiding their mission to assist underprivileged individuals and those with disabilities in their running endeavours.

Formulated to support gut & overall health

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Easy to add to your daily routine

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Proven to support proper gut function

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No added sugar

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Vegan & gluten-free

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Scientifically proven to feed friendly gut bacteria

Take the 12 Day Challenge

Experience the difference just drinking one bottle of ió fibrewater daily for 12 days can make.

Scientifically proven to feed friendly gut bacteria.

Our revolutionary water is backed by two authorised health claims for 'supporting proper gut function' and 'lowering and slowing blood glucose rise'.

Furthermore, two university studies (Glasgow Caledonian University and the University of Roehampton) have proven a wide range of health benefits.

Plus, tastes great, is crystal clear, and has no nasty ingredients, too!

Why Kyle ❤️ ió...

'Not only am I delighted that fibrewater is teaming up with my charity, Athletics Trust Scotland, but I am also impressed by the positive effects of taking the water over the last 2 weeks.

I feel less hungry throughout my busy day and far more relaxed after a bottle of water.

As an ultra runner, it's also great to have something that helps the gut, as I find that long runs take a toll on my stomach. I haven't had any issues yet, so hopefully that continues! The taste is fabulous too!'

Kyle Greig, GB Ultra International & Athletics Trust Scotland Lead Fundraiser

Are you ready to take the challenge? Get 20% off any one time purchase by using the code 'ATS20' at checkout!

Check out our reviews!

What a few of our 12 Day Challenge fans are saying...

Windy Wilson Verified purchase

Since drinking io and tracking with my Garmin, my sleep is deeper and more restful. I'm even eating foods that used to cause me digestive issues, such as heartburn and indigestion. I have an overall improved sense of general well-being, too.

Rachel Verified purchase

This amazing water is helping me feel fuller for longer and has kicked my IBS to the curb. I'm really impressed!

Jeanne P Verified purchase

I love this water! I can actually feel it doing my body good. Our whole household drinks it, and my 4 year old grand daughter calls it her 'magic water'.

Kelly H. Verified purchase

I'm absolutely wowed about how is transforming my health. Not only is it an easy way to boost my fibre intake, I'm sleeping better, I feel more balanced, and I'm even pooping better, too!

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