The environment and sustainability is important to us, as we are sure it is for you, too.

Finding the right bottle to kick off fibrewater meant months of research, including research with consumers.

We found that people wanted to see fibrewater and know exactly how the water looked before buying! Whether it was cloudy, clear, or with ‘bits’ in it like a smoothie. People also wanted a bottle that was light, portable, with a resealable cap, and perfect for 'on-the-go' and exercising at the gym or outdoors. Additionally, people were concerned about BPA (as are we) and single-use plastic.

The solution:

The solution we found for meeting people's needs was a 100% recyclable clear BPA-FREE bottle made with 25% recycled plastic.

The future:

As we grow and produce fibrewater in greater quantities, more sustainable packaging options will become available to us. We are currently investigating cans, 100% recycled plastic, and lightweight recyclable pouches.

Our bottle

IO Fiber

The highest of standards

We have created gut health friendly drinks that are plant + water based that can be used to support your gut and overall health and wellbeing. We source our ingredients with the highest standards, and the fibrewater product range is entirely free of any artificial nasties.



None of our ió fibrewater drinks contain any dairy or dairy ingredients. Not only is this more sustainable, it also means our drinks can be bought in bulk and stored for longer without refrigeration, unlike yoghurts and kefir – which saves energy and reduces food waste.



We use entirely non-GMO ingredients.



We combine ultra-purified water with ingredients of plant origin that derive in and from nature.



ió fibrewater provides 20% of an adult’s daily fibre intake and 100% of the daily prebiotics intake with only 0.8g of sugar per 500ml bottle.

The experience of our customers is so important to us. We want to provide the best package possible in terms of quality, taste and nutritional benefits. Doing this in such a way that customers feel like they are doing right by themselves and the environment is at the forefront of our minds.

As a brand, we are looking for ways to move away from the use of virgin plastics, which becomes easier as we grow and make it onto supermarket shelves. In the meantime, we have made it as easy as possible to recycle your fibrewater bottle and cap. There is no need to separate the cap and bottle, or the label, when recycling. When you have finished your bottle of fibrewater, just pop the cap on and put it in the nearest recycling bin.

Right now, 74% of PET bottles are recycled in the UK, and we support a nationwide deposit return scheme to ensure this reaches as close to 100% as possible.