Weight Management

Fibre: Feeling fuller for longer

As fibre passes undigested through
your digestive tract, it keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Fibre slows down
the process of food emptying from the stomach and expands in the digestive
tract taking up more volume, which makes us feel less hungry.

Plus, we must remember that as our
bodies try to digest fibre, they also burn calories. All the above makes fibre
great for weight management without adding many calories to your diet.

Dietary fibre can help reduce therisk of obesity and metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is associated with obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high triglyceride levels and low HDL cholesterol levels.

Metabolic syndrome greatly raises the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, stroke – or all three.

Fibre + Hydration

Drinking water and consuming fibre should go hand in hand. Men and women who consume the recommended 30g of fibre daily should drink at least 2 litres of water throughout the day.

Water and fibre together are perfect partners as they can both act to suppress appetite and remove toxins from the body naturally.

Chicory root fibre and weightmanagement in children

Studies have found that  supplementation of prebiotic chicory root fibre improves obesity outcomes in overweight/obese children and induced specific gut bacterial shifts. (2)

 fibrewater is a delicious, easy (and healthy) swap from flavoured water or drinks for children.

Please see references below regarding further information and research on chicory root fibre for weight management in adults and children.

Feel fuller for longer. Snack less.

fibrewater is proven to help you feeling fuller for longer and help reduce snacking.

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